Monday, 12 December 2011



In my group for the news package consists of me, Luke, Michael and Imogen. The news package focuses in with the college, so I decided to do the package on raising awareness of drinking and smoking when a student. This offers lots of different directions we can go into when filming, editing etc. We will investigate whether it’s a negative or positive package on student drinking and smoking. Possible areas of interest such as binge drinking, do they know how many units they drink? How much do they spend on drink and smoking, do they know the risks? We would also have a facts part of the package that shows them the statistics and facts such as how many people die per year from a result of drinking.

We can interview students from the Manchester college or/and any person on the street that is a student as well. The location of the GV’s is a student-based area that has bars, clubs and student accommodation in an area like Fallowfield. There are some limitations on the GV’s we can use, due to copy right we can’t show any labels of alcohol. We are mentioning the health risk so if it’s possible we can film and interview a member of staff from a local hospital on how many drink/smoke related cases per week they receive, how much binge drinking costs to the NHS? There are permission issues about filming in a hospital or a walk in clinic.  Also we can get stats off government sites such as the drink awareness site.

We can always minimise the package to just drinking or smoking, but if we were to do this I believe it should be on drinking awareness over smoking awareness, as there are more students who drink alcohol than smoke cigarettes. I believe that if this news package goes to plan it can be a very good news package if it is made and rehearsed in a professional manor.

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