Friday, 28 October 2011

Production Diary Week 2

On the 26th of October, we again carried on more research to make sure our news package and live show was fact full and up to date with the new facts and information on alcohol and smoking awareness. We as a group spoke some more on the issue of whether to do a news package on alcohol and smoking or just alcohol, we are leaning more towards the idea of just alcohol as there is way too much information to fill a minutes worth of VT on alcohol and smoking. We also talked about what roles each member of our group wants to do, there are 4 roles and 4 group members the roles are director, vision mixer, floor manager and producer. We decided to get everyone to say what roles they would like to do, then take it from there, luckily enough, we all chose a role that no one else chose so there wasn't much debating about roles. I am the director, Mikael is the vision mixer, Luke is the floor manager and Imogen is the producer. We found out today that each role has certain pieces of paper work they have to hand in, and some paper work the whole group have to hand in as a team, such as the program proposal, running order, signal pathway and the production diary. As a Director, I have to hand in, a program proposal, running order, camera scripts and a title sequence.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Pete's Lesson

 This is my first call sheet we did in Petes lesson, this isn't as detailed as it can be because its only a practise one and we dont know how many acts there is going to be.

Call sheet         Studio Shoot 27/10/11

Production Team

Producer                                     Daniel Jack

Director                                       Kassem Berraies

Cameras                                     Luke Talbot
                                                     Fred Velody
                                                     Ashley Artinstall
Presenter                                     Erin Roche

Runner                                         Jack Ware

Production Base            
                                                     Fielden Campus
The Manchester College           Barlow Moor Road West Didsbury
Fielden Campus                      Manchester M20 2PQ

Telephone                                  0800 068 8585

Unit Call Time

Call time at the Manchester College Fielden Campus is at 09:30am. Crew briefing at 10:00am

Room 109
Fielden Campus
Barlow Moor Road West Didsbury
Manchester M20 2PQ
Telephone: 0800 068 8585


(From Manchester)

Manchester Piccadilly
Manchester M60 7RA

1. Head east on Fairfield St/B6469 toward Baring St

0.4 mi

2. Turn right onto Mancunian Way/A635
Continue to follow Mancunian Way

0.3 mi

3. Continue onto Mancunian Way (Elevated Road)/A57(M)
Continue to follow A57(M)

0.6 mi

4. Take the ramp

0.1 mi

5. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Mancunian Way heading to Birmingham/M6/A5103/Salford/A6

0.2 mi

6. At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Princess Rd/A5103 heading to Birmingham/M6/Moss Side/Hulme

2.7 mi

7. Turn left onto Cavendish Rd

0.4 mi

8. Continue onto Lapwing Ln
Destination will be on the left
                                                               5.1Miles Approx. 13 mins

Sunrise 07:58
Sunset 17:46

Rain for a time on Thursday.

Direction and Speed


Light Rain
Max. Day
North Easterly

White Cloud
Min. Night
North Easterly
Last updated at 10:20, Tuesday 25 October
UV(UK range: 1 - 7)

Emergency Contacts


NHS ManchesterParkway 3
Parkway Business Centre,
Princess Road,
M14 7LU

Telephone: 0161 765 4000


Didsbury Police Station

738-744 Wilmslow Road


M20 2DW
(In case of an emergency call 999)

Production Contacts

Daniel Jack                          07984638294

Kassem Berraies                   07784362258

Kit list:

3x P2 Cameras
3x Tripods
4x Talk back units
4x Talk back cable 5 pin XLR’s
4x Talk back headsets
3x Video cables
3x Audio cables
1x Tricaster
1x Tricaster Moniter
1x Mouse
1x Keyboard
6x Camera Batteries (Fully charged)
1x mic stand
1x boom mic
1x XLR cable
No mics needed as using atmos sound on the camera

Known Risks

The main risk is the moving of heavy equipment, please be aware at how you’re lifting the equipment to minimise safety risks. Make sure that again the cables are put away out of the way to minimise the risk of tripping over the cables that are attached to equipment. Another risk is that you need to let the lights cool down after the shoot as they will be too hot to move or dismantle. Also props falling on or near the band, be very careful when walking around on the set.

Text Box: Shooting Schedule         Thursday 27th October

Start time 09:00am
Setting up studio 09:00 – 10:00am
Call time 10:00 – 11:30am


Call time 11:50 – 13:20pm


Call time 14:10 - 15:30pm
Derig 15:30 – 16:30pm