Friday, 28 October 2011

Production Diary Week 2

On the 26th of October, we again carried on more research to make sure our news package and live show was fact full and up to date with the new facts and information on alcohol and smoking awareness. We as a group spoke some more on the issue of whether to do a news package on alcohol and smoking or just alcohol, we are leaning more towards the idea of just alcohol as there is way too much information to fill a minutes worth of VT on alcohol and smoking. We also talked about what roles each member of our group wants to do, there are 4 roles and 4 group members the roles are director, vision mixer, floor manager and producer. We decided to get everyone to say what roles they would like to do, then take it from there, luckily enough, we all chose a role that no one else chose so there wasn't much debating about roles. I am the director, Mikael is the vision mixer, Luke is the floor manager and Imogen is the producer. We found out today that each role has certain pieces of paper work they have to hand in, and some paper work the whole group have to hand in as a team, such as the program proposal, running order, signal pathway and the production diary. As a Director, I have to hand in, a program proposal, running order, camera scripts and a title sequence.

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