Wednesday, 9 November 2011

New News Package Idea

Well we decided to narrow down our idea of the drinking and smoking campaign down to just drinking as we wouldn't have enough time and far too much footage/research to squeeze into a 2 minute package. Me, Mikel, Luke and Imogen decided to just focus on an alcohol campaign.
We are looking into filming Withington hospital walk in clinic and asking if a member of staff would mind being interviewed about our alcohol campaign, which ties in with binge drinking, knowing daily limits, health issues, how binge drinking affects the NHS.
Here is some research we did on alcohol and binge drinking.
 We came up for a name for the News package which is "Drink awareness campaign" and a general target audience of 18+ although we recognise that there are a high percentage of people under the legal age who do drink alcohol on the weekends but have decided not to go in that directions as it's a totally different subject to what we are focusing on.
As well as interviewing a member of the Withington hospital if possible we are looking to shoot a lot of GV's such as clubs, pubs and the local corner shops that also sell alcohol to a lot of students around Fallowfield.
Possible questions we came up with are:
(Withington hospital member questions)
How many drink related cases do you get a week?
What do you suggest to minimise these cases?
Whats the main age group for these cases?
How much does binge drinking cost to the NHS to take care of these patients?
Do you drink? If so how much/units a week?

The questions we would ask the general public which we are mainly aiming at students are:
Do you drink? If so is it on a regular basis?
How much do you drink?

Change of plan:
After much thought, we decided to change the plans of our news package just a bit. We realised that our news package should last around 1-2 minutes, so it would be more realistic if we stuck to one topic out of the two, either drinking or smoking. We decided to stay with drinking because it was more practical and offered more directions in ways we could do our news package.

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