Monday, 17 October 2011

Drink & Smoke Awareness News Package

Group 2 consists of Me, Luke, Imogen and Mikael and we are looking at drinking and the affects of alcohol on students.
There are loads of different aspects that we can look into, such as the financial side of it, How much people spend? The health side of it, such as Do people know how many calories are in what they are drinking? I've found out off the drink awareness page that in a pint of Lager it has the same amount of calories as a burger, and that a glass of wine has the same amount of calories as a slice of cake.
We also found out that the government advises men to drink 3-4 units a day which works out to be 1 and a half pints of 4% beer and females should drink 2-3 units a day which is around a 175ml glass of wine, we found this off the drink awareness page as well.
We found a video on Alcohol awareness that will help us a lot as it shows us how alcohol news packages are set up and the structure of the video.
We also found some stats off the same website that indicates that around 33,000 people die every year off alcohol relation. Where as between 2007 and 2008 around 30,000 people was sent to hospital with alcohol poisoning.
We are also looking at smoking awareness too, at how much students spend a week on smoking? How often they smoke? What made them start smoking? And are they intending to quit?
I found that there are around 6 billion people on this earth, and there is around 1 billion smokers, so that makes 1 in 6 people on this planet are smokers. Smoking has been proven to produce cancer in the pancreas, kidnet, bladder and cervix. I got this information from 
I've also found out that smoking during pregnancy increases the chances of a miscarriage. Around 10 million cigarettes a minute are sold, which makes it around 15 billion a day and most smokers start under the age of 25.
Possible questions:
Do you drink or smoke? (cut away)
When did you first start? (cut away)
What was the reason for starting? (cut aways)
How long have you been doing this? (cut aways)
how often do you drink/smoke?  (cut aways)
How much do you spend weekly on this? (cut aways)
Are you aware of the risks? (cut aways)
Are you planning on quitting? (cut aways)
Opening scene can be a cut away of someone lighting a cigarette, whilst the reporter introduces the subject. Have snipits of people being interviewed about smoking/drinking then a cut away to people walking in/out a local pub.
snipit of a two shot between reporter and student being interviewed. outward zoom from a pub/bar sign to a student.
Reporter talking about the issues of smoking/drinking (health issues, costs etc)
close up of a pint, then have someone pick it up and start drinking whilst 4-5 second zoom out to a long shot.

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