Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Production Diary Week 6

Today on the 20th of March we are continuing with our treatment and i will hopefully try get feedback off peter so that i can improve my work and aim for a higher marking band. I have today inserted a reference which agree's with a point that i made in it, I have also harvard referenced the source, due to me not really doing a harvard reference in my first semester treatment, this is an area i aim to improve on, and will hopefully help me receive a higher mark.
We are also preparing for our presentations that we have to present to the tutors, the presentation is about the layout, theme and studio settings on how we would like it to be. Even though one choice may not be chosen, the final idea will be based on everyones ideas and all put together to make the strongest layout, the best theme for the show etc. I am using Prezi as my presentation software, due to it being different from others who may be using Microsoft Powerpoint, also Prezi has more effects to offer, which can make my presentation stand out further.

Production Diary Week 5

On the 13th of March, we carried on with our treatment work, we got given a few websites to help us structure the treatment correctly, these sites were very helpful, as my first semester treatment missed out a lot of information. http://www.ehow.com/how_4854252_write-television-treatment.html
This is the main website i am using to help me out, the only problem with this is that its mainly talking about a drama show, where as our show is a live multi camera broadcast. On the other hand, it is very useful and informative.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Production Diary Week 4

On the 6th of March, we all put ideas together for new and necessary props that could be used for our live show. It had to tie in with the genre of music that was going to be played, for example, a drum set wouldn't fit in with the set if the artists wasn't even using the drums. Some examples we came up with was:

  • Strobe lights
  • Disco ball
  • Retro instruments
  • Smoke machine
  • Different coloured lights (gels)
On the 13th of March, we were told to think of some studio sets for the live multi cam shoot, and the final set idea will consist of different ideas put together. We were also told to have a start on the treatment.
I have a few ideas for a studio set that will be effective, for example,
If we could get all the equipment I want, we could start off by having a smoke machine, with a bright white light shining on the back of the artist, so for the beginning few seconds you can't see the artist/s face but only the outline. Once the smoke clears out, the set becomes more clearer and can see the props and layout. Around the set, there are retro instruments around, for example, a retro handheld speaker, retro microphone and any other retro instruments we can get as long as its related to the music. We can also use gels to give off different colours for our stage, but i believe if we use too many colours, it can look a bit odd, where as if we only use 2 or 3 different colours, it will look better.
There are many ways we can set up the studio, we need to take into consideration on when the studio is going to be used, what audience we are targeting and what genre of music the bands/artist are playing.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Production Diary Week 2/3

On the 21tst of February, the class was told to go out and film some footage so it can be used and edited to create a 30 second into to the live music show. I wasn't in this lesson but everyone broke up into groups to shoot what they wanted to go into the intro.
On the 28th of February, the class got split into groups of 4/5 to edit the footage they filmed the pervious week. My group consisted of me, Andy, Nyasha and Luis. We had to edit the clips from everyones footage and make sure it is exactly 30 seconds, no longer, no shorter. We all put a fair amount of effort in, we all took part in the editing and deciding the clips to put in the intro and came up with a final edit:
There was a bit at the end of the timeline of Final Cut Pro which we forgot to delete off, so as you can see after the 30 second intro there is a long black wait then a small clip plays, this isn't any part of the edit but made a small mistake on not deleting this off the timeline. We thought for a long time to think of a backing track to play over the clips and decided to go with Gorillaz - Feel Good instrumental.

Production Diary Week 1

On the 14th of February the class was shown various creative composition photos that was nominated or won the Pulitzer prize, such as the photo taken during the Vietnam war where a napalm strike was dropped , the photo was taken by Nick Ut of a 9 year old girl running down a road with several other Vietnamese running for safety. We learnt how to create creative composition photos by using the rules for example rule of thirds and depth of field. We got set a task to find our own creative composition photo and talk about it on how it used the rules for creating a creative composition photo. I found a photo that was taken in 1991 of Pine St and Quincy St in San Francisco taken by Jose P Insern Comas This image uses low angle shot, depth of field and the rule of thirds.