Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Production Diary Week 6

Today on the 20th of March we are continuing with our treatment and i will hopefully try get feedback off peter so that i can improve my work and aim for a higher marking band. I have today inserted a reference which agree's with a point that i made in it, I have also harvard referenced the source, due to me not really doing a harvard reference in my first semester treatment, this is an area i aim to improve on, and will hopefully help me receive a higher mark.
We are also preparing for our presentations that we have to present to the tutors, the presentation is about the layout, theme and studio settings on how we would like it to be. Even though one choice may not be chosen, the final idea will be based on everyones ideas and all put together to make the strongest layout, the best theme for the show etc. I am using Prezi as my presentation software, due to it being different from others who may be using Microsoft Powerpoint, also Prezi has more effects to offer, which can make my presentation stand out further.

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