Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Production Diary Week 2/3

On the 21tst of February, the class was told to go out and film some footage so it can be used and edited to create a 30 second into to the live music show. I wasn't in this lesson but everyone broke up into groups to shoot what they wanted to go into the intro.
On the 28th of February, the class got split into groups of 4/5 to edit the footage they filmed the pervious week. My group consisted of me, Andy, Nyasha and Luis. We had to edit the clips from everyones footage and make sure it is exactly 30 seconds, no longer, no shorter. We all put a fair amount of effort in, we all took part in the editing and deciding the clips to put in the intro and came up with a final edit:
There was a bit at the end of the timeline of Final Cut Pro which we forgot to delete off, so as you can see after the 30 second intro there is a long black wait then a small clip plays, this isn't any part of the edit but made a small mistake on not deleting this off the timeline. We thought for a long time to think of a backing track to play over the clips and decided to go with Gorillaz - Feel Good instrumental.

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