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Unsigned and defined by The Manchester College

This show will be solely based on the live performances of several artists and bands. Each artist will play one or two songs of their choice, preferably their own song. Each performer will then have a brief interview; the interview will be as informal as it can be due to the target audience being fairly young. There will be an intro to the music show, which will be filmed prior to the live show and edited in final cut pro. The show will consist of performances, interviews, ad breaks and a final outro. We will aim to keep it informal, interesting and will use channels such as MTV as a guide, as this has a desired target audience we will intend to attract. The title of the show is “Unsigned and defined” by The Manchester College. The artists are from the Lever St campus where as the filming side of the show are from Fielden campus.

In the opening 2 minutes of the show, it will consist of a 30 second intro created by the Fielden students, the 30 second intro will be made up with lots of various shots. The shots are going to be related to music. After the intro, there will be a more informative introduction by one of our presenters, introducing the show, introducing the artists and also talking a bit about the show and how it gives the musicians chance to get their music out there with the likes of YouTube, ustream and other places musicians can get the chance to get noticed. After this intro, the presenter will name the musician and inform us that they are performing next. At this point, we will stop for a break, which will be overplayed by a pre created animation, this will leave the audience wanting to watch the musician and will stay to watch them, in the mean time the artist will be having sound checks so they are ready to perform after the break.

The key part of the plot, is that the musicians that are performing are unsigned and part of a music college in the centre of Manchester, this keeps the show rolling as there are several performers on the day, and it’s all live. There is going to be a presenter that speaks after each performance, whilst the performer gets ready for the interview. The interview is going to be informal and stood up, the reason I have gone with this is because if MTV or any other music show has a live performance, for example “The MOBO awards” after the live performance, or after receiving an award, the performer is stood up whilst having an interview.[1]

Seen as this isn’t an outside live shoot, like a concert or gig, we can’t use shots of audiences, which a lot of live multi cam music shoots do, they show the performance whilst showing some shots of audiences too. In this case, we will have to fill this part up with different varied shots, if possible. Some varied shots we could use would interest and intrigue the viewers rather than just constantly watching the musician, for example, if they were going through a solo guitar section, it wouldn’t be necessary to have a face shot whilst he’s playing the guitar. Another influence is Radio 1 Live Lounge, there are some shots in this video, where they show cameramen in the shots, I don’t know if this is a side we are going to take, but it certainly can be an option.[2]
I have noticed, in this video, they use a lot of quick straight cuts from different cameras, this gives it a good luck, and keeps the eyes interested, instead of long shots of the same thing.

Due to only having 3 live cameras on our show, there is limitation to how many quick shots we can do, plus also depending on the cameramen skills. I intend to space out the 3 cameras so that they have a variety of shots they can offer, such as panning, tilting, zoom in, pull focus, close ups etc. We have the option to have one of the cameras on either a track or dolly, the only difference is that with a track, we can only go in one fixed direction, where as, a dolly can go in circles and bends which will be able to offer the director more varied shots. The negative of using a dolly, is it doesn’t move in a smooth motion. The studio that we are going to be using, has the studio, where the artists will be playing, and next to it, is the gallery, where the vision mixer, director and sound tech are, so the director and vision mixer can hear and understand each other.

In conclusion, i believe the layout of our music show will be unique, interesting and at the same time, a good way to get the musicians performances out to the general public.

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[2] TheRadio1LiveLounge. (2011). Labrinth Tinie Tempah Earthquake BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge 2011. Available: Last accessed 20th March 2012.

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