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Roles & Responsibilities

Roles & Responsibilities

When filming my VT for our combined 30-minute news show, there will be several roles and responsibilities that will need to be distributed between colleagues. The class got split up into two groups of roughly ten; we then worked in our groups of ten. Our group decided to film in twos or threes, as it will be a lot easier to present the VT, check audio and also make sure the camera is okay.

The roles that we will come across when filming the VT will be cameraman, audio technician and presenter. We also decided that everyone will edit their own piece of VT as it’s more fair and gives everyone the opportunity to gain more experience in editing. One role we came across was the live editing on the day, we decided to choose the most experienced editor on our team to take this role, which is Josh, in most companies, most editors edit footage on the day of the live shoot, this is normal which gives us a better understanding of how things work in real life studios. “The role of the news organizer/editor is generally restricted to arranging on-the-day coverage, much of which is based on plans previously laid by other members of the department.”[1]

The cameraman’s role is to ensure that the shot he is filming is as best as it can be, for example the gain is at the right level, the aperture is okay, white balance is right and that the layout of the shot is good, e.g. not too much head room. This all has to be sorted out if not correct before they can start filming to produce the best they can.
Where as the audio technician has to ensure that the sound levels are right and they the sound from the presenter and possible background is not too noisy so we can hear the presenter at all times. The presenter’s role and responsibility is to report the news and look as professional as can be. With the VT not being live, the presenter doesn’t have to worry about autocue or scripts going wrong, so if they forget the script, he can simply just have a retake.

[1] Ivor York (2001). Television News: Focal Press; 4th Revised edition. 31.

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