Monday, 28 May 2012

Content And Style

 Content & Style

The VT subject is based on football but with a more serious story, Sunday league referees receive a lot of abuse whilst doing their job. Most players believe the referee made the wrong decision and therefore believe it’s acceptable to abuse referees. The aim of the VT is to put a stop to the players and fans contributing to the abuse referees receive. There will be an interview with a Sunday league referee to give people an insight on his side of things and what the referee thinks of this matter.

During the VT there will be 3 vox pops finding out how the general public find the subject as well as an interview with a referee, I came up with some questions to ask the referee and general public:

(Vox Pops- questions)
  1. Have you witnessed a football referee receive negative or abusive remarks in a game?
  2. What are your views on this matter?
  3. Do you think there is any way of cutting this out of games?
  4. Would you agree with a new disciplinary fining players and fans more than they already are?

(Interview – questions)
Hi, and thanks for allowing us to interview you (Name). Firstly you’re a referee for a Sunday league football matches,
  1. Do you enjoy refereeing football games?
  2. Per game, how many times do you usually receive abusive remarks from players?
  3. How do these remarks affect you during your job?
  4. Would you agree with a new disciplinary to players, fining them for abusive remarks?
  5. If a player shouts abuse at you during a game, how do you approach this situation?
  6. Would you give a player a red or yellow card if he shouted negative comments to you, or would you give them a warning?
  7. Do you think that the amount of negative abuse referees receive will create a shortage of referees for Sunday league football games?

The style of the news VT will aim to be as professional as possible. There will be no title sequence due to it being in a 30-minute live show, nor will there be end credits in the VT.
The live show overall will have a title sequence and some end credits. The title sequence will be pre made in After Effects. As part of the title sequence we will show small parts of clips in the title sequence saying they are the main headlines of todays show which will then at the end show News at 7’s logo.
The end credits for the live show will fade to black with white text informing us of who did what role, e.g. Director – Josh Lloyd, Vision Mixer – Kassem Berraies etc. The end credits will be pre made in Final Cut Pro.

As part of our set design, we will be having a white drop down behind the presenter with blue coloured gels over two of our studio lights to give the studio a blue coloured glow. This ties in with the title sequence and lower thirds of the VT’s as we have gone blue for these as well. The studio layout will be as professional as it can be, we are going to have a desk and chair for the presenter in front of the white drop down, and then when the guest comes on, we will put another chair near the presenter whilst a VT is running. We already have one flat screen in our studio and have spoken to the art department to ask them if we can hire their flat screen for our studio on the day of the live shoot and have been granted the request. We are connecting both flat screens to a laptop each with pre created sequences, one with the news at 7 logo for the first camera shot to film whilst panning to the presenter, and the second is going to be a sports sequence for the sports presenter to stand next to when presenting the sports section.

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