Monday, 28 May 2012

Production roles

Production Roles

We hosted “News At 7” in our classroom in Fielden Campus, which is room 109. We have several roles that needed to be distributed between our group of roughly 10 people. Some of these roles were director, vision mixer, sound technician, floor manager, three camera operators and two presenters. We had several production meetings between our group to go through some thoughts and problems we occurred, one of these were the production roles and what everyone felt most comfortable doing. We decided to choose the roles as people felt they could fulfill their best work, as this will improve the final production.

The roles we decided as a team were, Josh as Director, me as Vision Mixer, although Nabeel was suppose to be the vision mixer, but he didn’t turn up so I took over this role, Imogen as Floor manager, Andrew as the sound technician, Luke, Abid and Ezra as cameramen, Rebecca as presenter and Joe as the guest. We also included a second presenter for the sports section only, this made the news show look more professional, as if you watch BBC and other well known news shows, they always include a separate presenter for the sports.

Our group worked well together, had good communication skills to ensure everyone was comfortable with what the director wanted. We chose these assigned roles as they were because they felt that they had more experience in these roles, which would utilize their ability more.

Josh has had a lot more experience in directing, also he was the leader of our group, and with a majority of ideas coming from him, it was essential that he was the director. I felt most confident as the vision mixer, due to having a good communication level with josh and also having prior experience in vision mixing. All three of our cameramen felt best being cameramen due to having a lot of experience with multi cam filming, with previous assignments. Imogen asked to be the floor manager, due to personal preference and stating that she feels she works better when taking on the floor manager role. Andrew had already stated from early on that he would like to do sound, with having an extreme amount of experience from personal work with helping sound at gigs, so straight away we knew we would have a great sound technician.

Overall, as a group I believe we worked well together, worked well as individuals in each assigned roles and as a result of this, I was very happy with the final outcome. There was only a couple of mistakes and areas we could improve, for example, having a better VT that was edited live on the day, although this didn’t effect the final outcome too much.

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