Wednesday, 23 May 2012


My original pitch was based on the technique of Match of the Day, where a presenter presents highlights of games in a Sunday League called Manchester and Cheshire League, with graphics page of the league and recent scores, after some feedback, I came up with the conclusion that this idea won't attract a big audience, therefore came up with this new idea that hopefully appeals to a larger audience:


My VT will be on the sports section, but the story will be based on the aspect of Sunday league referee’s receiving foul and abusive remarks during the games from both players and fans. This has been going on in Sunday leagues a lot over the past years, but recently been getting worse every year, there is becoming a shortage in referee’s and less younger generations getting into refereeing purely on this matter.

The past couple of years, referee’s have been receiving abuse from players and fans for believing the referee had made the wrong decisions, but in more recent times, this matter is getting out of hand with one referee complaining to the FA officials to help put a stop to it all,[1] In some cases family, race, sexuality and physical appearance get used against referees when things don’t go the player’s way. The aim of my VT is to help bring this sort of behavior to a stop and to help get the topic more limelight to fully put a stop to it.

I intend to get an interview with a Sunday league referee who currently referees some Manchester and Cheshire League games, I’ll try find out how they feel about this, if they think there is any way of cutting it out, how often they referee, is it a job or a hobby and how their sanctions are enforced if a player does abuse referees.

The Officials have tried to cut out the abuse but merely haven’t tried hard enough when an incident caused 15 referees to go on strike as three players who were suppose to be banned from playing was allowed back but on a final warning, [2]

[1] Mike Lockley. (2012). Midlands ref calls for an end to Sunday League abuse. Available: Last accessed 12th May 2012.
[2] Rob Dawson. (2011). Oldham Sunday League referees go on strike after banned players are reinstated. Available: Last accessed 12th May 2012.

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