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Research on Various News Packages

Research on News Package shows

I have been looking into many different sports VT packages to try getting an understanding of how the generic sports package is layout and what each consists of. By doing this, it will give me a better understanding of what is needed for my VT and will make the VT more professional if I have a lot of relevant research before I actually film and edit my own VT.  

The first VT I found was a football based VT about a football stadium being replaced by a housing estate due to the owner falling into dept. This VT doesn’t consist of any piece to cameras but has a lot more voice-overs. With a voice over starting the package, this is one way of introducing the news package where as most start with a piece to camera. This also has the interview before the vox pops, which again isn’t the traditional way, as most have vox pops first then the interview.[1]

This news package starts off with a piece to camera with a lower third after the studio presenter introduces the news package presenter. The piece to camera introduces the topic and poses with a question at the end, this is a very generic way of reporting a news package and most other package do this. The package then has a clip of Usain Bolt during his race showing him beat the world record, then returns back to the presenter for another piece to camera. This package only shows an interview with Usain Bolt and another racer called Asafa Powell but doesn’t consist of any vox pops, this isn’t always a generic way as some have vox pops as well as interviews. To end the package it shows another clip of the race with a voice over to end the news package.[2]

Another news package example is a news package based on Steve Hooker an Olympic champion. Again, this news package starts the exact same way as the Usain Bolt news package. Starts off a presenter in the studio introducing the news package presenter, he jumps straight into the interview with the main guest then cuts back to the presenter for another piece to camera. This step is repeated a couple of times between piece to camera and the interview, which isn’t a method I’m going to be approaching. This news package then has a second interview with Steve Hookers coach, but again they go for the same approach by cutting between piece to camera and interview. In a way, this is an effective way, due to it not making the interview seem long and boring, it makes the interview seem shorter and more interesting.[3]

This is another fox sports news package, the package starts off with a voice over instead of a piece to camera, which is again not a generic way of a news package, which isn’t an approach il be taking, but then cuts to an interview with the head coach talking about the subject. This news package again cuts from interview and voice over instead of piece to camera unlike the others, which isn’t the sort of VT idea I will be going for. The news package then has some more voice-overs and has a quick vox pop of one of the players, which is different compared to the other news packages I’ve looked at. The package then has a brief piece to camera, which is essential as it shows who’s presenting the package. To finish the new package off, they have gone for an old clip of American football with a voice over.[4]

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