Monday, 28 May 2012

Development Of Idea

 Development of Idea

My original VT idea was still based on football, but was a less serious matter. Match of The Day influenced the idea, which is on BBC One every Saturday and Sunday, as well as the sports section on the news. The generic idea is that a presenter introduces the show, then shows highlights of goals from the Premier League then talk about the games, where as the sports section in news shows are less informative but get the same point across. The news shows sports section usually has one sports presenter talk about the recent scores with a few graphic pages of the league table and scores. My original idea was going to be like this but based on a much more local football leagues, Manchester And Cheshire football league, that are an amateur team.

As a few weeks went on, with more research, I realised that this VT idea wouldn’t have a wide enough target audience to make it interesting, as there are thousands of amateur football leagues in the UK and just one wouldn’t create a wide enough audience.

I changed my VT idea a week later to the Sunday League Referees receiving abusive remarks. I seen an article in the Manchester Evening News about referees complaining to cut out the abuse they receive during games, which inspired me to go and do more research into the topic. I found several articles that backed this topic, explaining how referees receive inappropriate language from players and fans. I knew that this idea wouldn’t just have a target audience of football fans, but a greater audience. With it having a wider audience, I knew it would be a reasonable and important VT to put into the 30-minute show.

My final VT consisted of interviews, vox pops, graphics page, lower thirds, general views and piece to cameras. Overall I believe my VT was effective and had a degree of importance even though it was a sports genre. 

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