Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Programme Proposal

Programme Outline
Our programme is about alcohol and how students are binge drinking and the negatives on this e.g health issues, drink related deaths and accidents. We are going to film Withington Community hospital and interview a member of staff who works there on their views of drinking. We are also getting some GV's of this member of staff working there then cutting to a student who lives near the nightlife of Manchester for example Fallowfield  and asking them some questions on drinking, such as how much they drink? Do they know the risks of drinking? Do they know the statistics of theses risks? Etc. At the same time we will film some more GV's of clubs, pubs and some local corner shops that sell GV's such as Baabar, Gaffs corner shop and even Orange Grove.
Target Audience
Our primary target audience is aged from 18+ but ideally it is aimed at students so the age of 18-24 who either have experienced the night life of manchester or who is still living the night life to get a look on how they see it and if they agree to trying to cut down on binge drinking. We acknowledge that there are a lot of people who drink illegally who are under the age of 18 and causes worry of how they are getting their alcohol, but at the same time this programme campaign appeals to this secondary target audience as well.
Programme Duration and broadcast video format
The programme duration is any time between 4-5 minutes long. The broadcast video format is in flash which is set in the Tricaster. You can download the XML files with Tricaster settings from Ustream and the XML file will tell Adobe Media Coder to compress the video feed from the Tricaster into a flash video stream which is sent straight onto the Ustream channel.
Progam Broadcast time it will be aired:
The broadcast will be roughly aired for rehearsal on the 11th of January 2012 at around 17:30pm. The production of the broadcast will be aired on the 19th of January 2012 at roughly around 17:30pm.
-VT Subject
The subject is about alcohol and student binge drinking which is based on students who have lived the night life or who are still living the lifestyle in Manchester. See Programme outline above.
- Guest Questions
There are two main sets of questions we are asking, one set for a member of staff at the Withington Community Hospital and a set of questions to ask students who drink and go to clubs and pubs.
Member of staff questions:

  • How many drink related cases do use get a week?
  • What do you suggest to minimise these cases?
  • Whats the main age group for these patients?
  • How much does binge drinking cost the NHS to treat these patients?
  • Do you drink? If so how much a week?
The questions we are asking the students are:

  •  Do you drink?
  •  How much a week do you spend on Alcohol?
  •  Do you know the risks of Alcohol?
  •  Do you know the stats on drink related deaths?
  •  What are your views on trying to cut down binge drinking?
  •  Do you think you personally binge drink?
  •  Have you ever had Alcohol poisoning?
We will interview a variety of people from different ages, backgrounds and lifestyles.
Production Style
Title Sequence:
The title sequence will be a black screen with the title of the broadcast "Alcohol Awareness Campaign" and will then fade to the live interview in the studio.
End Credits:
The end credits again will fade to a black screen which will then start running a scrolling script with content based on the jobs and roles that took part in the production, such as director, camera operators and guests.
Set Design:
The presenter would be sat at a desk in front of a window in room 109 and then there is 2 one arm seat's for the live guests. We have a plan B incase this doesn't work out with lighting or any other problem, plan B is to face it a different direction with a black board behind the presenter and possibly with a poster or two behind him on the black board.

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