Friday, 11 November 2011

Production Diary Week 3/4

Between the 2nd of November to the 9th, we had done most of the research we needed, and started planning how our news package/live show would be layout and how it was going to be structured. We had an idea of going to the Manchester Royal Infirmary on Oxford Road, to ask if we could film a few GVs of the hospital and maybe if it was allowed, to interview a member of staff there to ask them how many patients on a Friday and Saturday night are related to alcohol abuse, how much binge drinking costs the NHS and if they drink themselves and how much if so? We acknowledge that there are some limits and some boundaries within filming at a hospital due to faces being shown and patients wanting to keep their stuff confidential. Therefore we are not putting all our hopes on this, we do have a backup. We also got the majority of our Program Proposal done, but due to not all members of the group in, we couldn't finish it all. I started the running order, but needed to add a few additional details.

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