Thursday, 12 January 2012

Content &Style of the News Package

The content of our production is based on Alcohol and its effects, such as binge drinking, health issues, money issues and the lives of these students that is being based on alcohol. We will be interviewing students whether they know the risks, how much they spend, how they started etc. So we can get a view on how they see alcohol and whether they see it as a problem or not. Throughout the package we will use various GV's of students, signs promoting drinking, student accommodation and students walking in and out of the halls.

The main logo we will be using is the college logo as it has to tie in with the college somehow and the other logo will be the one we create for our production. We have come up with a name for it, which will be MILK productions. The logo will have a black background and will be in white writing to represent the look of milk, and a hint of red shadowing. The reason for the red shadowing is because we will be using a live font on Motion for the title sequence, so it matches up with that.

These are the two logo's we came up with. The one on the left was the first one that didn't fit in with the title sequence so we decided to create another, that would fit in with the title sequence and that looked more professional.

We are going to use red as a main colour throughout the project, from the logo, title sequence and through out the news project with the lower third being in a red colour too. Red is a strong colour which is why we chose to use it. We will be using a lot of white writing too, mainly because its the general colour for scrolling credits, but also to tie in with the whole milk part which is our production name.

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