Thursday, 12 January 2012

My Performance

I am pleased with the work me and my colleagues have created and the effort we have put in, we have had a few moments of crisis, but overall I think we did a good news package that was straight to the point, informative, interesting and professional. As this was our first time creating a news package with our own ideas and styles there was no doubt mistakes we made and areas we could have all improved on, such as the lower third, but the work we all put in and the teamwork we all gave was overall a huge aspect to the final product and without this we could have simply not achieved the same result we have done.
The grade i would give myself and my colleagues would be a high C/ low B. This is simply because we put a lot of effort in and worked well as a team. I believe our news package is unique compared to others but has hints of varied news packages that we researched along the way of creating our own. Although our news package can be improved I believe a B/C is a reasonable grade.

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