Thursday, 12 January 2012

News Package Research

I have been looking at different news packages to get an insight on how they are structured and set up and i came across a Charlie Brooker mock of how to create a news package.
Even though its a mock and not really too serious, he is right about how they layout each part of the package and how the facts and statistics are laid out. It has been very useful in how we are going to set out our new package, for example, walking towards the camera when nearing the end of a certain speech and ending with a question. We have thought about setting our news package out with this sort of layout but it wouldn't be as effective with the content of our news package.
This is a BBC News package on the World War one anniversary. The first scene you get is a still frame of a man talking about his views on the anniversary which then cuts to a GV that relates to the news package. This is how we will set ours out, which will start off with the interviewee telling answering a few questions and then it to cut to a GV that relates to alcohol. After the GV on this BBC news package, it cuts back to the other guest who then tells his views on the WWI anniversary. Again, this is how we will look to set our news package out with still frame shots of the interviewee. There are parts in this BBC new package where the voice of the guest plays over the GV which is a good and effective idea, which i think we could benefit from if we looked to use this technique too.
This is a sky news package based on a football topic. I noticed straight away that they mainly use voice overs whilst showing GV's. This is a way we want to go, as we intend to have a couple of GV's over a voice over informing the viewer on facts of alcohol. When it comes to interviewing fans in this package, they focus just on the one guest. You don't hear the interviewee ask any questions but this isn't the type of interview we are looking to do, we want the viewers to hear the questions so they can follow what is going on during the interview.

All of these news packages have a varied target audience, where as our primary target audience for our news package is based on the student age, so from 18-24. Although our news package will target a younger target audience too. This is our secondary target audience which is around 16+. We believe our news package can also target a whole wider target audience, such as parents, who may be worried about their children getting in to the "social norm" of binge drinking when a student.

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