Sunday, 22 January 2012

Production Diary Week 12

On the 19th of January, we were supposed to be filming the final live news show for Ricardo which we are getting assessed on. It took us a long time to sort everything out, as camera 1 had a faulty composite, so we tried changing it to component but had the same problem, so the first group to film had to film with only two cameras. After break, we fixed the problem but the second group to film had more problems, the tricaster froze and then they had 3/4 practice shoots, which delayed us by a big time. The third group then needed to film third when my group was suppose to, as their guest had to leave not too long after that, so we let them go next. The fourth group set up to film but by this time it was already 17:00pm which means we had to call it a day and leave as the campus was closing. So we will be filming our live news show next Wednesday on the 25th of January. I have now nearly finished my 1500 word essay and will have to hand in all of our assignment work on the 25th as well as filming our final live news shoot.

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