Friday, 13 January 2012

Production Diary Week 11

On the 11th of January, everyone had a practice or two for their live news show. We set up during the day and then started filming later on in the afternoon. Every group got to have at least one practice filming which went successfully. When it came to our turn, I was the director, but I didn't have time to print off 3 camera scripts for the camera men, so they didn't know what shots to offer, which made the job more difficult for me as a director. There were a few things that everybody forgot about, such as the autocue, shadows behind guests and mainly the cameras being too high which gave a looking down look. The ways we can improve for next Wednesday are simply to lower the camera heights so they are eye level with the guests and presenter, to use the auto cue so the presenter doesn't have to read the script off a piece of paper, which will give it a more professional aspect and finally to move the seats further away from the walls, so it will decrease the shadows.

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