Thursday, 12 January 2012


When we got given our assignment to create a news package with our group that consisted of me, Imogen, Luke and Mikael, most of us hadn't had much experience in doing things like this and prior to the course, we hadn't had any experience before. We put a lot of effort in to make the news package the best we could, for this we had to communicate through our group and offer suggestions when we thought different etc. I am pleased with the communication me and my colleagues made, we all had a very good understanding on what we wanted and what had to be done to create a better news package. I don't feel like I had any problems speaking to my colleagues about how i felt or what i wanted to put in the package. I believe we could have improved on everyone having each others number, so we could communicate outside of the course, where as only some of us had each others number or another source on communication. This would have helped a lot as there where times where some of the group wasn't in, and we could have informed one another before hand to let us know.

When it came to the camera work, we all knew Mikael had the best experience in this section as he had filmed many other things in the past. Although we all took part in filming and shared majority of the jobs. Again, we all shared our ideas when it came to filming and what we thought were good shots, how to improve them shots and how long they were lasting. I think we could have improved on the stability of some shots as we didn't use the tripods for every shot. For example, the " I <3 Vodka" that was on a wall in student based area, we shot that without a tripod and seemed a bit unstable as we was pull focusing in.

When it came to the editing, I took a big role in this, as it was mainly me and Mikael who helped, although we took a lot of opinions from the rest of the group when we was editing. I think we did fairly well on the editing part. We lost our first draft of editing, which meant we had to start over again which made us a couple of weeks behind on editing. I think we could have improved on the lower third especially as it didn't look very professional on the final draft, where as the first draft we lost, we created a lower third, that looked very professional but we didn't have enough time to create another lower third from scratch.

The graphics worked well, we didn't have much trouble when it came to creating the graphics for the project. The main trouble we had, was that the logo we created was on a white background and wouldn't have fit in well with the title sequence as it was a black background. We changed the logo so that it would have a black background, then decided to scrap that logo and create a whole new one that would look more professional. This was the only problem we had with the graphics. I think we could have improved on the title sequence as it lasts around 5-10 seconds, but doesn't have any backing music to it. This makes these 5-10 seconds boring and not as interesting to the viewer.

Overall I believe me and my group did well in the news package project. There are some areas we could have improved for various reasons, for example, to make the package more interesting and stand out or simply to make it look more professional. Such as, a better lower third and backing music to the title sequence to make it more professional. Where as we could have improved on script work, we could have informed the viewers with more facts about alcohol to make it more interesting and informative at the same time.

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