Monday, 9 January 2012

Production Roles in News package

During my production project on alcohol and how it effects students lives, the main roles i was in charge of was:

  • Graphics
  • Editing
  • Reporting
  • Script writing, and
  • Camera operator
From the beginning of the project, I offered to be the presenter, as we couldn't find one. The main role of this was just to speak clearly and get straight to the point when introducing the news package. I had to introduce the news package whilst stating facts that I had to research, such as around 33,000 deaths a year from alcohol consumption. I also had to ask the interviewee's questions on their views and about their lives with alcohol, I had to be very clear again, so that the camera and the guest can hear me. I think the voice over we used for the introduction was very effective, as it informed the viewer straight away what our package was on whilst stating a few facts about alcohol that the viewers may not have already known.

The news package needed a script for the introduction and the questions, Me, Mikael and Imogen all took part in this role to come up with the best script we possibly could. We also came up with questions for the guest, such as, do you drink? How much do you spend weekly? and many others. I think that the script me and my colleagues came up with was effective as it stated what we were working on clearly, and the questions were straight forward and wasn't hard to follow.

I only worked as a camera operator for the news package a little bit, I filmed a couple of GV's but mainly instructed Mikael and others what shots I thought was good, and also got feedback and views off them to shoot the best possible shots we could. I think the shots we did was very effective, as they weren't plain regular shots, we took some over he shoulder shots, close ups, pull focus shots etc. We did a lot of panning and tilting when filming students walking or tilting when we were filming student accommodations.

Once we had filmed our news package and got all the necessary shots we needed, we realized we will need a title sequence at the beginning, so I offered to create the title sequence on Motion. The title sequence had to last around 5-10 seconds, so it didn't seem too difficult. Whilst i was creating the title sequence, Imogen was creating the production logo for the production name we made up "MILK Productions". The title sequence was a black background with a red live font writing that was already pre made on the program but i entered my own writing. I then entered the logo for our production to the title sequence. I believe the work me and Imogen was rather effective as it's the first thing the viewer sees so it had to stay short, informative and had to get straight to the point.

The editing was mainly Mikael and Luke and my job, but majorly Mikael's job. We edited the voice over, interview, GV's and a bit of the title sequence. We all chipped in ideas on how we think we can improve the package, but most of the hands on work was done by Mikael. I think that the work we did and the help I gave to Mikael was effective and helped with the final project.

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